The sounds of Hamburg: Aufbruch im Hansetakt

When Mazda’s long-running customer magazine asked me to write a feature on Hamburg’s music scene, I was sceptical. Sure, the city had just splashed out on the insanely over-budget Elbphilharmonie concert venue, but did it really merit its self-awarded label “Musikstadt’, a city of music?  It didn’t take long for my doubts to be dispelled.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 1.07.16 pm
Stefanie Hempel performs during her Original Beatles Tour

Shlepping all over Hamburg with the indefatigable Thomas Motta, I was privileged to listen to Christoph Schoener playing the organ and rehearsing St Matthew’s passion at St Michael’s, Hamburg’s most famous landmark, was privy to the insights of Leif Nüske, co-founder of the Mojo Club, tapped my feet as Stefanie Hempel sang Beatles hits as part of her guided tour and cheered singer songwriter Jan Sievers as he roused the crowds at an intimate venue in Hamburg’s Schanze quarter.

Putting together this reportage really was a delight – and I hope by the end of this feature, you’ll be just as enamoured with Hamburg’s music scene as I was.

Read the full feature (in German) here: Aufbruch im Hansetakt