screen-shot-2017-05-22-at-1-43-04-pm.pngThe fashionable crowd and tattooed baristas in their leather aprons give you the sense that even just to be here, breathing the free air, is to have arrived in life.
smart magazine's Local Secrets stories are always a bit of a treat: you get to meet cool dudes and dudettes who show you the very best of their home town driving around in a brand-new smart – what's not to like? This time, I interviewed up-and-coming neo-soul start JOHN GRVY (and no, that's not pronounced "Groovy" or "Gravy", but "Gray", to avoid confusion with the author of "Men are from Mars..."). So check out the interview here – especially if you're planning a trip to Madrid yourself! Photography: Thomas Motta  
On the sheer endless embankment of the Tagus River crouches a futuristic swooping structure, gleaming white against the blue sky like the crest of a wave. 
Lisbon has just seen the opening of MAAT, a brand-spanking new modern art gallery – so what better way to celebrate than to meet one of its curators and explore the city on the Tagus in a smart fortwo?